The Infamous Yulin Festival

Yulin , located in the southeastern Guangxi province, is a hilly basin with a total area of 12,838km sq., along the border of Guangdong.

It’s famous for its many mineral hot springs, Shiyi Towers (which are the oldest and most famous towers of China) and now – the Yulin Festival.

The Ill-famed Yulin Dog Meat festival, celebrates the June solstice by slaughtering thousands of dogs and now,cats and selling them for consumption. The festival lasts usually around 10 days and takes place this year on June 21st.

Ninety Percent of dogs killed are stolen from Urban households and sold by thieves since it’s easy money during the preparations of the same.

In 2011, 15,000 dogs were slaughtered and eaten. A close to 226,800 kilograms is consumed every year which includes the meat of pet dogs as well as strays. The festival encourages about 2,000 dogs being butchered every single day. Dogs are not only skinned but are smashed with hammers,cut with chain saws and burned alive. Continue reading “The Infamous Yulin Festival”